The Penn Gwinn Series

From the case files of Private Investigator Harold R. Miller comes
8 Action-packed Adventures with protagonist Penn Gwinn, P.I.

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Thai Moon Saloon

When the DIA fights the CIA,
only the losers win.

Drugs, Greed and Intrigue...

The Philippine File
The Australian File

When chasing a legend,
nothing is as it seems.

The Belize File

Murder and betrayal in paradise

Based in San Rafael, California, the Flyin' Penguin Detective Agency finds itself embroiled in international intrigue ricocheting from Thailand to Australia via Mexico and Belize with a stop over in the Philippines.

The nonstop action meets Penn with dodging bullets, wild car chases, exploding boats and the most dangerous of all, curvaceous red heads.

The cast of characters makes for intriguingly twisted plots and surprise endings.


Coins. Murder. Intrigue.

Blue Herons

One bad thing; one blue heron

In Belize, anything can happen...

The Emerald Head Caper
P.I. Adventures in Belize

Where every day is another story.

What people are saying:

"... another page-turner from private investigator Harold R. Miller, full of action to the very end, with a trademark Miller twist at the end."

"... three plots running simultaneously throughout the novel, culminating in a highly satisfactory, yet surprising ending, ... an action-packed journey into the world of the Private Investigator."

"... As the author intended, nothing is quite what it seems, ... I found The Australian File hard to put down.

"... as always with Harold R. Miller's books, the ending was unexpected, amusing and left me wondering just what the next adventure will be for the affable Mr. Penn Gwinn."

"In typical Harold R. Miller style, the two investigators discover a complicated web of international intrigue and drug smuggling that leads them on an international chase for the bad guy ..... but just who is the bad guy?"

"... an enjoyable and action filled peek into the life of an international private investigator."